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Damaged goods?

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>girl from my uni post instagram story, on tuesday
>been eyeing her for a while, slide in her dms
>we start talking
>later that day she's with a gay friend of mine because they're in a club together
>she asks him about me
>he tells her good things apparently
>ask her if she wanted to spend some time together
>we go to a garden to talk, yesterday
>tells me she has a gift for prediction and that when I asked to follow she got a feeling I was gonna message her someday
>she starts rolling a joint, apologizes, and tells me she has fibromyalgia and that it helps with the pain
>tells me she was abused by her dad
>tells me she broke up with her boyfriend 4months ago and that she's not looking for a serious relationship
>tells me she loves sex
>when it comes time for her class to start I walk her to the room
>she introduces me to two of her friends
>we say our goodbyes
>keep texting, but I notice she's slightly less enthusiastic, asking less questions, etc.
>it's her birthday today, so I asked her what she wanted
>she tells me she loves white roses
>pick a white rose from my garden and take it to uni
>she's late to class in the morning, so we're together for like 5 mins
>I ask her to close her eyes, go behind her, put my hand on her waist, hold the rose in front of her and tell her to open her eyes
>she sees the rose and blushes
>give her a kiss on the cheek and tell her to go to class
>posts 2 IG stories, both prominently feature the rose
>at lunch time I text her asking when we can be together again
>hasn't replied until now, but has posted an IG story of her hving lunch with her mom

Ever since we went out yesterday that I can't stop thinking about her. And I know I'm probably making a huge mistake, because she has a terrible illness and was abused by her dad, and yet I feel something for her I can't explain because she's just so sweet. So my question is, should I just flat out tell her I like her and say that if she doesn't feel the same we can just go our separate ways?