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Need a bit of relationship advice

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Some background: I met this girl 3 weeks ago while I was on a self-development course. We ended up becoming friends, and even spending a lot of time together when we had free time. She suggested one day we go and watch the sunrise at the pier to show me around. Which I thought sounded great. She picked me up early and we went. It was really quite amazing. I got a tour of the city and she showed me around which was a lot of fun, and she kept paying for everything even though I was adamantly trying to split the bill! Anyways, she said when she came to see me I could give her a tour and do the same for her.

Anyways, she lives only a 50 minute flight away. and we are planning on seeing each other again. She works long hours and has a lot going on by the sound of it in regards to work, so we won't be able to hang out again until December she told me as she can't get any time off work. And if I see her again I'd like it to be for more than just a weekend, but actually go and travel a bit.

We've been talking every day ever since I saw her, and even on the phone. She'll call me after she finishes work and gets home, sometimes around midnight and we'll spend an hour on the phone after that.

Anyhow, she told me she wants to be loved, and have true love. I really like this girl. I was wondering to myself why she would say this, but I was hoping it was because she might be hinting to me that she wishes I'd be the one to love her.

I really want to show her that I do love her. I guess I'm wondering if anyone here could help me understand why she would say this..

She had an abusive past boyfriend over a year ago which she told me about, and he stole money from her as well which she is trying to fight in the court system.

So yeah, we talk every day, send each other good morning and good night messages and I am excited to see her again, she told me she'd like to show me around other places nearby where she lives as well.