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blackpill mindset

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Let me get this straight.

So basically as a male im expected to have great physique (but without ever stepping into gym, that would be tryharding aka big turnoff), earn at least 6 figures, have huge social circle (but actually be introverted), have interesting hobbies like skydiving and travelling, work for local charity (because i have good heart) but also be criminal (preferably just dealing drugs).

All that to land some girl that had dozens of guys before me so she can FINALLY get some well earned rest / vacation from riding the carousel and that we can travel around and take pics for instagram togheter, and she can eventually divorce me because she realized her prince charming is actually a psychopath.
Oh also dont forget i need to be at least 6'2 and have really good facial aesthetics.
Alright then, might aswell just lift weights at gym and completely isolate myself from society

Also yes, i am an incel