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GIOYC / Get It Off Your Chest

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GIOYC - Get It Off Your Chest: The too short, too long, and too emotional for a thread general.
BTW, you really shouldn't use this thread to vent rage or reinforce negativity, but its still good for when you need to get something into words or for sadness or whatever. I wonder if the purpose of GIOYC should be more fleshed out and restated each thread, because there is both some psychological and quality issues to consider... I realize you don't want to diminish the "just say it" encouragement premise, but I think you can do that and still have a little bit of guidelines.
Take it, leave it, make some kind of wiki page I don't know.
But then that's just my opinion and I'm probably just being autistic so feel free to just ignore everything I'm saying.
Previous thread: >>20443607

Oh yeah, and I decided to write something that could be carried over to new threads (just maybe without this line. I figure it would be helpful informally formalize this):

OP Guidelines:
>Check the catalog for a properly made GIOYC thread that hasn't reached bump limit first
>To make a new thread, include both GIOYC and Get It Off Your Chest in the subject line
>Also make sure to include these guidelines, link the previous thread, and if the old thread still exists but is at bump limit, reply to the old thread with a link to the new thread
>[insert link to image collection of thread starter images here]