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Why do men and women have such terrible perceptions of each other?

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What the hell happened? I remember back when *at most* the extent of the gender headbutting was the occasional condescending cliche remark or eyeroll, but everyone involved knew it was really banter and we all liked each other deep down. Fastforward 20 years and now stuff like
>all women are lying attention seeking hypergamous WHORES who just want to emotionally manipulate you
>All men are TRASH and would RAPE AND KILL US if they could get away with it, KILL ALL MEN

All that shit has become mainstream. Some people blame muh internet but the internet just shows people aspects of yourself you wouldnt feel comfortable showing others. Is anyone else horrified by how broken down relations between the genders are? Hand and hand with this is peoples obsession with being
or being

Ive seen grown adults self torture mentally, agonizing about whether their date/boyfriend/girlfriend whatever the hell sees them as more or less than how they see the other. I was talking to a female friend of mine the other day and she went on this 10 minute rant about how "I think john is cute but not fuckable but Im worried he only sees me as fuckable and not girlfriend material but if I can get him to see me as girlfriend material without seeing him as boyfriend material and still fuck him then thats good, right?"

This entire generation is mentally ill and the sheer amount of
>LMAO pathetic incel

posting on this board just reminds me how awful things are now.

Since this is the advice board, what is your advice on the gender war autism?