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Is she into me?

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>known this girl for awhile
>we went to the same med school
>kinda had a lil crush on her since then even tho
i was seeing someone
>time skip to January 2021
>we're both studying for our medical licensing exams so we can migrate
>study with her for a week over skype
>feel like we're vibin, we drift off into conversation while studying
>message her and tell her i thought we had chemistry and if she'd like to hang out at some point
>says she doesnt feel the same way and it's not a good time for her to date
>im cool with it, dont want to just completely stop talking to her so send her a cute caracal vid sometime later
>she blocks me

>august 2021
>successfully made it to first world country
>working part time after doing my exam
>hear a familiar voice say "hi"
>turn around
>its her
>awkward as fuck, why is she here working at the same place
>her registration gets rejected
>mine gets accepted
>feel really bad for her, try to help in what little way i can
>we talk on the phone a few times, she opens up a little, can tell she's devastated and trying to keep it together
>still get the feeling that we'd actually be good together
>fuck it
>ask her if she'd like to visit the city's art gallery with me
>she agrees
>thought she might ghost but it actually happens
>we have a really nice time, she even tells me it felt like time went by real quick
>just having fun shopping with her, she asks my opinion about what would look good on her
>tell her that i had a good time and ask her if she'd like to do it again sometime and she says sure
>radio silence for a day
>she messages me today but my phone wasnt with me and she'd called as well
>wanted me to meet up with her again but i was wagin, tell her ill call her later
>plays it cool over the phone
>"Oh I was just in the city and I thought hmm wonder what he's doing"
>we talk for awhile after

I feel like I'm going insane. You can't assume with women but it's not presumptuous of me to think she's at least a little into me, right?