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How rare is this?

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Gf of 11 months:
>Loves me
>Is addicted to cuddling with me
>Quickly gets dressed and skips breakfast so she can cuddle with me before she goes to work while I sleep in
>Hates when I spend money on her
>Almost always pays when we go out
>No make up
>Perky boobs
>Almost virgin (Had piv sex 3 times with condom with 1 dude)
>Said if I would die, she would kill herself
>Always in the mood for sex
>I wanted anal
>Got it
>Wants to get married and have kids
>/pol/ tier
>No piercings tattoos etc
>Anti lgbt
>Shaves my balls
>Dries me after showering
>Loves to feed me
>Mommy gf
>Can be dominate
>Simps for me

Did I win?