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So, incels. How common are they exactly? I mean I see articles about it from time to time but I've never actually spoken to one outside of this site, but all over this site if I so much as mention having had sex at some point they come flying out furious becaue they never have, and I mean I just can't believe it's that widespread of a problem.

All through highschool I intended to wait until marriage, then into my twenties it felt weird I hadn't slept with anyone yet. I had sex, but only in long-term relationships. So thousands of times, but only with a total of four girls. Now I've been pretty depressed because I haven't had sex since 2018. Did a couple years in prison, haven't been able to connect with anyone in the year I've been out. Whenever I've tried to talk about my loneliness and isolation on here I'm immediately drowned in incels acting like it's first world problems, and how dare I miss what to me had always been normal.

It just seems hard to believe it could be that widespread because even my fat and ugly friends got laid, and I've always been incredibly socially awkward yet I never used to have a problem with it.