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Feel Like I Missed Out on My Chance to Fuck Hot Girls

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>Be me
>Socially awkward as a kid. Didn't date or get female attention.
>Didn't go on first date ever until age 24. Even then, rarely went more than four dates before the girl lost interest. Almost never got laid.
>27 now
>Been working out the last couple of years, girls notice me more
>Some girls even approach me. But they are never the hottest girls
>TFW the hottest girls are almost always 17-22
>Missed out on dating the hottest girls when I was their age

I don't want my life to turn out that I missed out on young hot hookups, and end up settling with some average-looking woman, always wondering what's it's like to bang 10s. It just feels like, what's the point?

I'm at the age where people are literally GETTING MARRIED, and I've never had many experiences nor had a GF. Soon, my dating pool will be 32yo women with paunches, people who've had plenty of experience and have literal patience for my lack of experience, and divorcees. I'm scared.