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gonna try to keep this very short but idk what to do
>had gf, 6 years older than me (21 and 27)
>was on the fence about being more lesbo
>she ended up kissing girls in clubs
>told me
>broke up with her
>still remained stupidly close as friends
>she slept with 1 girl since breaking up
>I slept with one and almost fucked another but got cockbloked by jesus (another story for another time)
>since meeting her she has opened me up to many interesting experiences and taught me many skills that I am thankful for
>she wants to date me again
>was very caught off guard and without thinking agreed
>not sure what to do

I told her I'm not telling anyone we are for at least multiple months, told her if she does any bullshit I'll break all contact. Still on the fence desu, was really caught off guard with this. On one hand we constantly hang out and she encourages me to do better with all aspects of my life and is very supportive and nice but desu I dont feel the same spark, its not there after she broke my trust before but she seems to really want to try, she leaves for her masters degree in september so I'd be breaking up with her then as I dont want long distance. Is this a stupid idea? also my main gripe with this is, as bad as it sounds, I dont want to limit myself to who I can sleep with, I dont want to get cockblocked by having a gf. I also may break it off as its only been a couple of days so far.