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Is there a point in pursuing a relationship when youre Self Improving?

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I started lifting about a month ago and seeing really good gains. I know these are newbie gains but my bodyfat dropped from 15% to 11% and and i gained about 15lbs. I know these are newbie gains and stuff but i actually like my body and have a goal to gain 15 more lbs by next 6 months. I also started my masters at an ivy league school and will likely get a new job after a year where i plan to increase my income significantly (I am already making 6 figures).
My dilemma i know im going to have more options 6 months from now than currently and so it seems kind of pointless to settle for someone in my current pool when i know i will be able to score higher in a few months. I kind of want a gf now, but im worried if i date now a higher status woman will start showing interest in me later that i prob wouldnt have a chance with rn