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Hey anons I wanted to ask for your help about something I've been struggeling with for a while.
I have OCD and I'm unable to do any laisure activity anymore.
I can't read a book, watch a movie or play videogames. I always start rereading, rewinding etc. to the point where it's just no fun anymore.
So for the past few months I've been in total avoidance because I don't want to ruin my experience.
Naturally one would do exposure therapy to get rid of it. But there is another component to this.
I don't do these compulsion because OCD wants me to do them. The compulsions get triggered when there are people around me.
Say I hear someone walking on the floor, closing a car door, a car driving by, kids screeming etc. all this leads me to do compulsions because I get irritated by it, get anxious and lose focus.
I don't know what I should do. I've tried exposing me to the noise but no matter how long I do so it doesn't get any better. I still feel bad and anxious all the time.