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I know this sounds fake but I wanna meet a guy that is artsy and edgy and stuff. I'm not really much of an edgelord but I find edgy dudes so cool. I'm a teenage girl who never really had a serious boyfriend, I'd say I'm decent looking but not what you expect when you hear "teenage Hispanic girl" I just really want some guy who can get on my level but also not judge me for liking cute stuff as well. I'm not a big 4chan user but I really do want some advice on how to attract guys like that. Do I need to branch out and stop being so shy around guys or do I need to just wait until some guy approaches me? I don't need someone who exactly fits all my standards but I would like someone who I could hug like a teddy bear, draw with (even if he's not a good artist) and laugh with. Should I just go back to fawning over 2D men or should I stop being such a loser and try asking some guys out? Much love to anyone who gives any advice, I would appreciate it! (。・//ε//・。)