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I need to tell my girlfriend about some mistakes I've made as well as some other things
>Fbi visit at age 15 due to saying retarded things on the internet (threats
>Asked this friend of mine to take pics of his sister while she was changing, we got caught, also at 15 (she was 18)
>Sexted this girl (again, age 15) in this club I was in, her grandma found out, I got kicked out

And the other thing about me is that I got a chin implant at age 17. I know it's a weird timeline. But I cleaned up my act and now I'm 20, senior in college, with a stable job, all of that. My girlfriend and I have been dating for 4 months now. She's away at college for her last 2 semesters, so I'm hesitant to tell her these things over the phone or video just because I want to tell her when I know she won't have a lot going on so we can talk it through and all of that.
I think she'd understand that these things are in my past but I'm most concerned about the fbi and chin implant thing. Advice? When should I tell her? Should I space it out?