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Trust issues with women

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I'm a 24 year old dude and I think I'm too far gone with how redpilled I am with women. I used to really want a gf but now it gives me a gross feeling to have someone in my face all the time, in my bed, in my home, making judgements about me. The awkwardness after sex bothers me too, like "well wtf do we do now?" feeling of emptiness, like the sex was all I wanted.

I'd love to have a "soul mate", a woman who's my best friend and who I can trust, but I just don't think women can truly love a man in the same way men do with women. I feel like they want to use me for superficial validation and maybe even money and social credit. I also see women as a barrier to what I really want, which is success with my personal creative projects and progression with my job.

It's weird, because I remember when I was in high school and I felt like I could kill myself after a breakup or if I couldn't land a gf, but now it's like I actively avoid it. I hate that feeling of scrutiny women give you, and I just wish they'd fuck off. The sexual tension is unpleasant. I love just coming home, watching movies, cooking weird ass recipes and being my comfy autistic self.