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Stop complaining woe is me

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You know how long broken men have accomplished things? You think oh maybe if I said this differently or done this at a certain time. STOP THINKING AND JUST FUCKING DO IT. Get off this board and maybe even the internet for a few days and do what you know you should do. What should you do? You've known that for a long time but fear has controlled your every move. Step into the abyss and see that fear has no control but only if you let it. I keep seeing post after post about how do I do this or that? LOOK INSIDE YOURSELF, ONLY YOU KNOW. I don't know what you're doing right now or in 5, 10, 20 minutes from now. Work. Work on yourself. Build a stronger mind so your body will follow. Plan out your day if you never plan for anything. Talk to people who have ears and maybe they will listen. They send broken men off to fight broken wars for broken countries. Nothing is perfect and we're all broken in 1 way or another. The answers are there if you're willing to ask the right questions. Better men have died for less and will continue to do so. What have you got to lose my friend? What are you risking today for a better tomorrow? Answer that and you've answered everything.