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I'm disappointed

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Last year until March of this year I was crazy to go out with as many women as I could, I believe I had about 20 to 30 dates with 7 or 10 women, as a way of making up for not having enjoyed my adolescence and for having gone out from a bad relationship of 3 years (which I broke up last year).
This ended up making me go through certain bad moments and it also hurt me because normally I either walked away from woman to woman and didn't try to give depth in any relationship I had with them.
It turned out that the only one I gave a certain depth to, we became just friends after a few disagreements.
After all this I have a feeling of emptiness and that I will never be able to have a relationship, I feel without confidence about, but it's not like I'm insecure, but a certainty that there are no real long relationships .

How do I deal with this?