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I have been feeling uninspired and far less motivated as i used to be before covid.
I never caught covid (tested for anti-bods), didn't get the vax either. I eat quite well, however am mindful of fiber etc due to long-time bowel annoyances).
I'm in reasonably good shape for a 28m, don't smoke and onlty occasionally have some drinks.
I have travelled and lived in 4 different countries, i have been wondering if i should 'cleanse' my body in case i have picked up some parasites or some shit on my travels.
I don't get sick often, perhaps a sniffle once or twice a year come winter, the last time i caught some sort of bug i was shitting for 2 days and then slept for 14 hours straight...and then the next day i woke up feeling amazing, like insanely good. then the next day was sort of back to normal. Like i remember vividly how incredible my body and mind felt.
Anyone got any tips on feeling better or treating them-selves with things like de-wormers etc to clean out and feel better?