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How to forget an ex-girlfriend?

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I had an online relationship for a year with someone, but we broke up, either because of me or because of her. At first we were friends, but I got super attached to her, spent too much time with her, worried about her, and she treated me like a friend. But it turned out that through some unpleasant situations and time we managed to become a couple. At first everything was great and cool, we made plans, but again everything went wrong. So we broke up and two years later I drunkenly decided to write to her. It was my mistake. We started communicating again like before but did not bring up the past relationship, but after a while something happened again and I suggested to her that I would come to her in a week. And she was like, she needs to get ready or something.

I started having emotional swings, I felt bad that she kept thinking we were friends again. At least this time we also had some sexual texting with pictures.

I was sick of it I decided to share my failures with my friends. They told me, "Fuck it, dude, she's basically your ex, and you can't do business with exes. Maybe she used to have trust in you, but now she just doesn't.

I was very uncomfortable admitting the truth, so I banned her.

Anyway, now for the last week I have no motivation to do anything but sit around jerking off and eating junk food. When I think of her, I start blaming myself or something.

Now I feel really bad that I wasted my time on someone I never even fucking met. But I also feel lonely that when I talk to other people now I can't feel at all what I felt when I talked to her.

How do I stop blaming myself for everything, stop living in the past, and start doing something?