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"Uncle Coomer" I guess D: (35M with 15F update)

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Update on the situation. Convo we had this morning. I can't focus on work for shit, so I'm gonna vent it out in here. Cry me a river.
Obviously not picrel, but pic reminds me of her face.

[ ] = emoji

>Good morning [3 hearts face] [heart]
Hello [smile]
>How u doing?
Fine I guess hehe. U?
>Anxious [worried]
>Are you still gonna see me tomorrow?
If you want it, yeah.
You deserve that we talk about it in person.
>I think I know what you're gonna say already
>But I still want to see you and hear it from you
Yeah. I have a lot to say to you, actually.
>I have things to say to you too
>Even if it doesn't change anything
>But I'll say them anyway
I want to hear it.
>[anime smile]

(47 minutes)

>I'm really sad
I'm really sorry. I wish I wasn't making you go through this.
>It's not your fault
Actually, it is. I shouldn't have allowed that spark to grow into a flame. I'm the adult person.
>I think it just happened, it isn't anybody's fault

(this got me 2 minutes thinking of a reply)

Sorry, I was reflecting upon it.
Maybe. Destiny sometimes is very cruel.
I really wish things were different.
[sad with drop in head]
>Yes. But why can't they be, right? [crying]
That's one of the things I want to talk to you tomorrow. I wish I could see you today so I could get it out of my chest.
But it's just one more day.
>I think I could arrange to see you today, but I understand if you can't
I think it's better if we leave it to tomorrow.
But I'll tell you if this changes.

That was it so far.
I have a heavy heart, but am on my way to "do the right thing". I guess I AM a 12 yo girl after all, like the Anon said in the other thread (it was archived today so I couldn't reply).
Wtf is wrong with me?