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Weird FWB behavior

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>have fwb who lives quite far
>she's quite cool, we're actually friends. she texts me almost every day, I'm fine with that. I actually enjoy talking to her
>the other day she was on a night out, texted me "hello daddy" out of nowhere
>I told her to send me racy pics, she does
>we sext a bit, then convo switches to other things
>then she comes back to "I'm so horny"
>I tell her to rub one out in the toilet and send me a video
>couple hours later she says "wait a sec"
>I says "ok"
>she says "damn I'm going home and I couldn't get a good video"
>I say "do one from home"
>she says "ok but you may be asleep by the time I get there" and then turns off her phone data or something bc my reply stays on delivered for about 12 hours
>I'm like whatever
>I know the horniness is bc she's ovulating so she might as well be fucking someone who lives closer. I legit don't care
>next day, she texts me "I was too tired when I got home :("
>I just say "tease"
>few hours later she sents me a picture of something unrelated
>I reply normally next morning
>she replies terse hours later
Her little tease thing legit turned me off but it's no big deal honestly. Would be a dumb reason for starting a "who gives less of a fuck" game, which seems to be how she's taking it.
Should I just resume contact normally?