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I’m afraid of men

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I turned 25 this week and I’m still a kissless virgin. I’m a first generation American with ethnic parents who warned me to basically stay away from boys and I’ve gotten to and even past the age where you expect a woman to have at least some dating experience and I have none. I just fear it’s too late and I will never get over my mental blocks. I think there’s something about me that just makes me come off as younger because when I would tell people my age in recent years (23+) they would think I was younger…

I think I’m just very stunted and my upbringing has made me not affectionate at all.

What should I do?

I had opportunities to date and had men over the years crush on me and want to date but I couldn’t do it…

I have the type of parents who would have beaten me for having a boyfriend in COLLEGE. So that’s part of it. Thank you.