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living with delusions

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I'm 18, I suffer from intense delusions about women whenever I'm near them or look at them.
Delusions include but are not limited to women being the subject of a worldwide conspiracy and that they are not sentient. This in turn leads me to ignoring women, avoiding them, and not being able to show emotion near them.
I know these delusions aren't true, and I have to keep believing that they are not true for my own health and safety. My life gets severely impacted from these delusions, and I have no friends or close family members.
I am a diagnosed aspie, my psychologist is still examining me for any other possible diagnosis. I am not on any meds.
I don't hate women, and I'm not attracted to them. I am mentally ill, and I would appreciate not bringing anything incel related into the thread.

How should I go about handling the delusions? Some way of convincing myself that they're not real, and to stop obsessive thoughts.
Are there any places/hobbies where women can't found?
I give myself 1 hour of screentime everyday, and I only use the internet for productive purposes to avoid encountering them digitally.

Thank you in advance, /adv/