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Help with my anger towards these freaks

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How do I control myself to not tell these "people" how fucking disgusting they are, after they hit me up on dating apps to ask to suck my dick? I put that I only want to see and talk to females on these apps, but these fucking freaks lie and put female so they can message straight men. I've already been banned from 2 other dating apps for this shit, and the one that use now has 24 hour banned me for telling these freaks how disgusting they are AFTER they message me first. It's like the apps allow these degenerates to roam their app and completely cross boundaries. In fact, how do I just stop getting so fucking frustrated that these disgusting freaks exist in the first place? They're in our kids schools trying to normalize their mental illness, they're constantly trying to push their bullshit on people, and constantly crossing boundaries, while the left supports it. How do I stop getting so angry because trannies exist? I just hate them so much...help please