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Does anyone else diagree with the blackpill?

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I've been on incel forums since 2018 and eventually I couldn't help but realize that my IRL experiences aren't what incels describe at all.

The way they describe "Chad's" experiences, is what I see normies getting IRL.
It's baffling how much women worship and give up their pussies for 5/10, bland, 5'9 skinnyfat, boneless men.

The normie advice of "just be confident bro" is unironically the real blackpill.
There's really only one thing women hate and it's beta autists. Once you're 5/10 in looks, preferably aren't Indian and you're not a complete sperg, pussy is super attainable from my observations.

And before any of you ask, yes I am a 21 year old incel.