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(Starting with email first, and then letters.)
Hello. I am looking to exchange correspondence with those who love literature, and are interested in writing letters as a means to further explore creativities outside of one's own experience/imagination. I have been printing and binding my first novel, by-hand, by myself, and am looking to mail it, no money involved, to people who value the idea behind such work.I am based in the UK, and to make it easier I would prefer someone in the UK. Ideally I'd like someone around my age, but it doesn't matter so much as long as we have similar interests. Ilike to discuss anything under the sun - hopes, dreams, life, books, media, politics, languages, likes, dislikes, fears, ambitions, rational thinking, radical honesty, philosophy, theories of the world, methods of sustainability, ways to end the world, people around you, and yes letters as well.I am currently learning Arabic, (would appreciate some help) and would like to write letters in Arabic eventually, (so someone who understands Arabic is a huge plus.) I love reading - favourite authors are: Khaldun, Calvino, Mishima, Platonov, Musil, Austen, Woolf, & Pynchon. (Ask for my Goodreads!) I also like films, (especially the intimacy of arthouse!), - (Kar-wai, Tarkovsky, Kitano, Kurosawa, and Truffaut) to name a few. Other interests include: history, Islam, vinyl records, calligraphy, knitting (crochet), gardening, politics, and many many other things. It is not important we have 10/10 interests, as I like learning new things, but a few baseline interest between us would be ideal. (I have recently taken a fancy to fountain pens, so I can write some in old school style.)
Please do not waste my time. I am looking to converse regularly and then eventually move onto sending letters.