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Annual mood swing episode?

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For at least 4 years I have noticed that around September to early October I would have a week long neurotic episode where I have either completely different or exaggerated traits compared to the rest of the year.
Normally I’m quite apathetic and morbid but in this phase I would get emotional, drama media hits me like a truck. I ALWAYS cry once during this episode and that will be the only time I cry year round.
I get irate and acts like an asshole, even to my mum. Also my anger problem would get hugely exaggerated, I just blasted a guy’s leg out because he used a very rude move in light sparring.
It has been like this every year since my first year of high school, now I’m second year in uni. Each year it might manifest in a different way, but always a short while after going back to school.
Is this some sign of a mental illness or what? What can I do to prevent this next year?
Thanks for reading my blog