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Was what I did really that wrong?

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So, I asked out a girl that I thought was into me based on all the interactions and everything. I am very shy and takes my time to open up to people and never usually ask out anyone.

The issue is that I did it via texting her number without directly getting from her. I got it from WhatsApp group chat but everyone can see how is texting and their number is public.

She wanted my Instagram when we out from drinks together but I didn’t have it and she just put her phone in front of me so I stared at her in confusion which she probably took as rejection.

I texted her later next day I didn’t get the opportunity to get your number and I don’t have Instagram but we can go for a date. She responded that yeah, we could do lunch together sometime I am sure (basically a soft rejection and she meant it during work)

Then I later got a bit paranoid and texted her I am sorry I that I pinged her out of nowhere and I asked her out by texting her directly rather than in person because we normally don’t run into each other. To which she just responded yeah, we could go out for drinks as group sometime It was nice and I just responded maybe as felt like being mocked at that point by her.

When we went out for drinks there was also an other girl who showed Interest in me and was blushing while we talked. She asked me that I have any friends to which I said no. I said just moved from one place to another so didn’t get the opportunity and I am still new in this area. She responded I hope you will find friends at this place to which I said yeah hopefully with a tired smile.

I noticed that now all the women at work group avoid me and pretend that I don’t exist whereas later plenty of them showed Interest. I know women like to be picky but it just seems like they just hate socially awkward people.
They don’t owe me anything. I am just curious if what I did was morally wrong or Is it just the case of avoiding me because they feel something is horribly wrong with me?