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Abusive step father is in the hospital. Mom wants me to visit him.

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I want to get some insight on this situation so please share your thoughts.

Some backstory. My mom was a single parent. I don't know who my father is but my mom loved me and she did her best to send me to school and tried her hardest to raise me. Then my mom married when I was about 10 to a guy who we'll call Dave. Now, Dave was rich. He had two daughters himself (who we'll call B and C. B lived with us) Now, Dave was an awful awful man. He was physically and emotionally abusive. He changed my mom into hating me. I never had nice stuff to wear but B always had the cutest outfits. It gets worse, I had to litteraly beg my mom to buy me sanitary stuff so I could keep some stocked up instead of waiting till the worst possible day it. Their reasoning was that he's already doing me a favor by letting me live in his already gigantic house.

Dave's physical abuse was the most traumatising of the things he did. He always either beat me with a stick from a lemon tree we had in the yard or berate me with all sorts of foul language when something happened at school. One occasion I remember as the worst was when I was suspended from school because I pushed a bully and she hit her head on a desk. He broke almost half a dozen of sticks over my back. I remember waking up the day after and my pajamas sticking to my bottom because of the amount of skin he broke.

The first thing I did after I graduated from HS was moving to my own place. I hated all of them except my mom.

Now, a few years later my mom calls me saying that Dave's in the hospital. She says he's not doing too well. She says that he's feeling sorry for all the things he did and he wants to apologise. I asked her why wasn't Dave the one who's calling me then. She says that Dave was feeling to weak for that.