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How to find girl with same fucked up kink?

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How does someone go about finding someone who has the same fucked up kink?

Can any anons share their experiences of how they found another person like that. Both male and female insight appreciated.

To clarify nothing illegal but bad enough that it would be highly embarrassing if it got out and make people highly disgusted if they knew. Beyond that I don’t want to say what it is.

For some info about me:

In most ways I’m normal, pretty dominant in bed and I enjoy normal sex stuff as well but I want to explore my more fucked up side with someone.

I’ve gotten pretty /fit/ recently and should be a 8 or 9/10 in a few months once I’ve cut down to about 10-12% bf so that isn’t a problem. I don’t do drugs, not tatted up - that is to say I’m a pretty straight edge normal person aside from this. That may not appeal to the majority of girls with fucked up kinks.