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Why do people just not respond?

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This isn't about dating or anything, just simple conversations between friends. It actually driving me nuts now. I just feel like people respond less and less these days.

>having conversation with long time friend
>no problems between us
>we hang out sometimes
>we're typing equally to each other
>usually they respond earliest next day if they are busy
>send last message
>they don't respond
>radio silence
>message them some other time
>they respond as if nothing happened

>different friend
>old high school friend
>try to reconnect
>nothing crazy just sending friendly texts
>they ask me a few questions
>answer them in my last text
>they never respond

>send text message to friend asking for a favor
>they text back yeah let me check
>I text back okay cool
>they never text me back
>see them at work
>text them if they found out anything
>they respond

>talking to family member over the phone
>we're having a good conversation
>they are the one who called me, not the other way around
>they say they'll call me back
>they never call me back

What the ever living loving fudge is going on with people? Are they just forgetting to respond? I don't get it, even people who call or message me first DON'T RESPOND. I never force anything. What am I supposed to do in these situations????????????

Anybody have similar experience with friends and family?