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ITT: Ask the opposite sex anything! (ATOSA f/k/a/ ATOGA a/k/a/ SQTDDTOT)

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Check FAQ; ask for detail on entries needed
Be concise; use linebreaks
This isn't GIOYC

>What do men/women think about <any trait/interest incl. looks/figure, virginity/bodycount, height, fitness, penis/breasts/butt size/shape, sex act>?
>Do any <men/women> like <a complex on the above>?
There's no one answer, but complexes are a turn-off

>Where do I go on a date?
Coffee is the ideal 1st date, but any of these work: food, drinks, ice cream, froyo, film, zoo, aquarium, museum, gallery, park

>I'm shy/afraid of <people/rejection>
>Where/how do I meet people for <friends/love/socialization>?
It takes time & effort. Leave your comfort zone. Find an activity you're passionate about.

>I'm a virgin with no friends, what do?
Get friends first

>I like someone, what do?
>How do I tell if someone likes me?
Ask him/her out; "signs" of attraction don't exist

>Something insignificant happened! What does it mean?
Can't say w/o detail; odds are you're overthinking it

>Someone made it clear he/she isn't interested. Do I have a chance?

>Do cold approaches work?
Not unless you have used car salesman levels of charisma

>Can I get out of the friendzone?
Not directly. All strats require friendship to decay to casual acquaintance, potential sexual attraction, & focus on him/her to die. You may need to date others to do this. The goal: approximate a normal pre-dating relationship and date normally. Success is very low, but higher than staying friends, but may take years.

Don't do the following:
>Q/claim/insecurity about penises/breasts
>Deliberately hide people's sex in Qs
>Ask generic hypos with no details if you want specific advice
>Re-ask a Q ignoring prev. replies
>Whine about all men/women
>Whine about OP/FAQ
>Whine if someone rejects the premise of a Q
>Whine if responses differ from expectations

>Where's the new thread?
Make one! Try these macros: imgur.com/a/y6BF2