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spics are so fucking based

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Just got home from work, third shift blows ass but it blows even harder when your job is in a cold storage warehouse.
I'm freezing my ass off.
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Matrus's Leisure Gallery

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Happy 19th Birthday, 4chan!
A little late, but it's still October 1st in the west coast so it counts!

To celebrate, I remade "Loading.swf", a flash I created 5 or so years ago.
I've gotten a lot better at drawing since then, and I'm also not restricted by a mouse.
This might be a case of Soul vs Soulless, but hopefully you still like this new one for what it is.

May 4chan and /f/ never die!
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Random Jap flash from mid 2000s

found by looking through links on

other shit i saw
haloween flash bit longer than normal art is kinda cool
some game for nike?
some Russian flash
Found a weird movie with wally from Dilbert? and a woman? in a catsuit
and Santa fighting a knockoff Santa

so go find some neat blast from the past movies, bonus points if its not already on swfchan!
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I can't take it anymore anons, i don't know how to interact with people, I don't want to go to work this monday, How do you do it? How do you keep going day after day without just losing your screws, i just feel like I'm slowly turning into a zombie, I need to start winning money passively right now
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