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are we digging up jp flashes from again?

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this one is from babatune. uncharacteristically of myself, i did not write down the actual URLs these were from, just searched for swfs anywhere in the website and ripped them

snails, snails, snails
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Lets talk in this birthday thread

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Happy birthday 4chan
ANIME Laundry BIRTHDAY edition!
Member when this kinda 3D was cutting edge for internet,
i member!

found with the other one
>ANIME Laundry!*/*

looks like these guys are still active

lets talk about old flash sites/authors still up sites some of that stuff came from and was mentioned recently sand they are still up.

any good ones you remember?
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*chan movies from when 4chan was born

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2ch's Ascii Art movie technically Shift-jis

Shii's song was uploaded to NG twice only slightly different

got any others try the discussion thread
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/r/ inside

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looking for an old swf where the guy is giving a full math lesson on the back of some chick he's railing, anyone got this?
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