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well shit

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I didn't think the strikers would be absolute dog shit today. They were doing things I didn't even give them skill cards for. I don't understand it. Maybe we need another team overhaul maybe we don't. Im not sure. For some reason the aggression I wanted to play the team in just didn't exactly kick in full gear in time. But PES is a cruel bitch. I feel like I'm just in a loop in these days.

Again if anyone wants to help with the team in anyway please get in touch and we'll get things sorted. Although Winter could be on PES 18, I'll get polls out sometime after November with more news on that. As long as Hotpocket-san doesn't see fit to ban me for another year.

As usual I thank you for supporting the team and if you desire me to be replaced there'd be no argument. But I went into this match just trying to put on a show and while it was a loss /sci/ just had the defense to block us out. I'm trying to think more like a /f/an than a manager these days. But no matter what we'll try again until the bitter end. I know we'll get to the top someday. I will keep my promise that we'll get one before the clock strikes zero.