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Post teenage sex stories, I begin.
>be me
>girlfriend asks me to root her phone
>pick up the tram and get there in 20 minutes
>am there
>wears Pikachu suit
>ask her why
>"Oh, I just got out of bed with this jumpsuit."
>"Hey anon, interested in some fuck?"
>not interested, came to root her phone
>she keeps being suggestive
>eventually finger her
>get on
>"Okay, got the SuperSU zip!"
>plug in her phone
>all is well and it's rooted
>give into her and we fuck on the couch
>seconds later, hear a doorbell
>have a mental breakdown as I put on my clothing
>she does so as well
>it was her grandma and she had no keys
>mfw my entire life flashed in that moment
>mfw could've been her 2 meter tall stepdad coming to curbstomp me
We still make jokes about this 'doorbell moment', even though it has been 4 years ago.