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Treasure hunt Pt 2

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doing a bit of a treasure hunt see >>3473978
the real treasure to be found are stories and /f/rens

found these files while looking up dead urls realated to sa_to_kk.swf searched for a posaible lead to the sa_to_kk2.swf it asked for found one result and sifted through links on archive.org to get these files

1046887443.swf, 20031114.swf, 20040101.swf, a-to-z_saitama.swf, basuto.swf, ending.swf, final.swf, foam.swf, he-sai.swf, oishasan.swf, okegawa2.swf, okegawa3.swf, okegawa4.swf, ootone1.swf, otone.swf, project_s.swf, s_heaven.swf, s_over.swf, s_team.swf, sa_to_kk.swf, sa_to_kk10.swf, sa_to_kk11.swf, sa_to_kk2.swf, sa_to_kk3.swf, sa_to_kk4.swf, sa_to_kk5.swf,
sa_to_kk6.swf, sa_to_kk7.swf, sa_to_kk8.swf, sa_to_kk9.swf, sa_to_kk_real.swf, sa_to_kk_real2.swf, saitama-off.swf, saitama.swf, saitama1000.swf, saitama2-light.swf, saitama2-right.swf, saitama2.swf, saitama_off.swf, saitamaing_man.swf, saitamario.swf, seed.swf, t3.swf, yamanasi.swf

got dead links to these files
s_3rd.swf, ootone2.swf, okegawa1.swf, hajisai.swf, saitamaover.swf, jsasaitama.swf, omawari.swf, osaka-gus.swf, saibata.swf, saitama-cameon.swf, saitama11-demo.swf, saitama9.swf,
saitama_kokuti.swf, saitamap.swf, up0069.swf, R3_temp.swf, kouhaku.swf, seed.swf, pitaten.swf, zaku2.swf

got one of them?