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Misato Iwatsuki
It is an 奈 せ く
Saitama rice
It is a good place to spend
Kashiwada Kumagaya Yuki Omiya
Urawa Kawagoe Yukawa
Saitama Tama
If you shout
Ama happening
Hauna looks bad
Saitama Tama
If you shout
Because it is because
From (· ∀ ·) Good !!

Saya everyone
We are waiting for everyone

translations for other files there too
dont forget the /f/ren gathering
October 22nd and November 10th
mark those days on the calendar and we can all bring our best flash especially interesting ones and multiplayer ones so we can really get a chance to talk.
Stop by for a chat about some ideas on how to improve flash archives to improve the user experience,
get in here on those days and join the conversation /f/riends
October 22nd and November 10th