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Lena Meyer Laundrut

Different pictures from the 2 other threads.
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/CSA/ General

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Non-Celeb Edition
Post clean, shaved armpits ONLY

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Jennifer lawrence

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Let's make a thread for our beautiful JLaw
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K-Pop General: Nature edition

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/esg/ - Despacito 2 General

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>Not sure what Emma Stone General is all about?
The mission of /esg/ is to promote the intelligent discussion of Emily Jean Stone by providing members with opportunities for intellectual discussion, by recognizing patrician taste through posting images and fetish fantasies and by calling out Robert-sons as they arise.

>Haven't got an account? Follow this link and sign up today!

Thread theme:


Emily Jean arrives at Venice Film Festival >>3231544
Emma poses >>3230122
Emma is not starring in Little Women after all
The Favorite Trailer 2 is revealed:
Jonah Hill and Emma Stone in MANIAC, September 21. Mark your calendars.:
Emma goes to Tell u ride Film Festival >>3233825
New interview of Emma talking about her 5! different characters on MANIAC, her British slang, Louis Vuitton, her red carpet game and La La Land >>3241963
Emma is on Billy on the Street
Second best picture of her fourth left toe is revealed in a new photoshoot >>3242658
emlum plum attends premiere of MANIAC!!!! >>3242395 >>3242396 >>3243001 >>3243025 >>3243027 >>3243029

Emma has glasses!!! >>3240792
New stills from MANIAC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! >>3241232 >>3241933
Anon has a suggestion >>3241289
Anon gets tricked >>3244956 >>3244957 >>3244959

Use >>>/hr/esg as a link to find the /esg/ thread.

Remember the following:
>Memory Jean occasionally reads these generals and has posted here before.
>Watsonners may pretend to be former Stoneheads, and then laugh at you for liking emlum plum
>NEVER respond positively to the DEGENERATE picture of fat Emma.
>This is a thread for funposting purposes only don't offer or expect serious discussion.

QotD: Would you sing Despacito to win Emily's approval?
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aнитa eвгeньeвнa финкeль

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How do you like Anita?
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Meg Turney2

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Celeb Up Skirts

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Lets take a peek
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Katy Perry

best legs best ass best tits
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Semen Demon Nicki Minaj

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Old thread reached bump limit
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