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Your favorite pornstar thread

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Post a (semi-tasteful, i.e. just not super hardcore) pic/pics of your favorite porn actress(es). Others deride you for your shit taste or compliment your choices, or lie and pretend they don't have a pornstar they're a fan of and pretend to be superior.
Nudity welcome/encouraged, but try to avoid just posting them getting drilled and jizzed on.

I'm posting two. First, pic related has always held a place in my heart. And ik she's not the #1 most attractive of all time (but still up there), but I'm taking the quality of the videos the person is in into account.
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in bikini
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Emma Watson

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Haven't had a Watson thread in a bit. Let's fix that.
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K-Pop General: Dreamcatcher edition

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/TSG/ Taylor Swift General

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Taylor Swift is taking over my world and I love it edition.
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Bella Thorne

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And just like that she's hot again.
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Gal Gadot Thread

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Elizabeth Debicki
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Natalie Portman

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