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Taylor Swift - Start of Summer Edition

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• Last thread:>>>2925898
• Taylor's music back on streaming services
• Sources say timing a 'coincidence' unrelated to anything else happening the same day ;)
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Emma Roberts

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Old thread >>2934397
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Emma Watson

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some cunt deleted the other one
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K-Pop General: T-ara edition

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r/ resources (outdated):

Twitters and Instagrams (outdated):

Music videos download links:

New etorrent.co.kr guide:

Tcafe guide:
http://pastebin.com/1z4wSiyu (embed)
(Note: tcafe's URL is now http://tcafe4.com/ . Check https://twitter.com/tcafenet for the newest URL whenever the current one is down)

Script to change file names to hangul:

Tistories :

Archived threads (outdated): http://pastebin.com/fEj9v14L

Steam group:

Last thread:
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Rebooting this for the like two other anons that care
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Maisie Williams

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I love her
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Racing Cars (Old Photography)

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Had fun with the last thread, thought I'd make a new one.

Post racing cars photography, normal cars are allowed but lets keep it to vintage or period photos.
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Giant Women Appreciation Thread

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Man's base instincts inform him that bigger is better

/gts/ got you
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