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Give pics of Vanessa Hudgens

This little bitch give me erection SO HARD
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Barbara Palvin

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Our Queen! NEW THREAD previous one was archived. Let this one be the new temp home for new future pics

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How dare you tasteless idiots let the last Hilary Duff thread die.
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Feel free to post beautiful art here. I will start with my all time favorite piece.
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Make /hr/ /hr/ again

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Discussion time, get in here celebrity fags.
You killed /hr/, there used to be a lot of high quality material here and you fucked this board with your stupid celebrity praising shit.
Have your own /celeb/ board or some shit or get the fuck out.
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Kristen Stewart Worship Thread

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Hail to The Queen!

Preivous thread: >>2825342
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K-Pop General: Hello Venus edition

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/hr/ resources (outdated):

Twitters and Instagrams (outdated):

Music videos download links:

New etorrent.co.kr guide:

Tcafe guide:

Script to change file names to hangul:

Tistories (outdated):

Archived threads (outdated):

Steam group:

Last thread:
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Celebs who don't deserve their own thread Thread

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Let's see how this goes.

We usually post A & B list celebs, so let's post some of our personal favorite, little known ladies.

Actress Hannah Marks
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Kendal Jenner

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