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Preferably real ones.
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Aubrey Plaza

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graphic cards
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Biology & Science

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We've got more than enough thots. Give me some of your biology images/drawings/infographics. Science and science-ish stuff of all kinds also welcome.
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Underrated Celebs
For girls you like who don't have enough material and/or fans to keep a thread active by themselves
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Jessica Nigri

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Jessica Nigri
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K-Pop General: Mamamoo edition

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Kristen Bell

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appreciation thread. She deserves more love than she gets. Killer body, 10/10 face, perfect feet, even funny.
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Calvin and Hobbes

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Maybe other comic strips can be posted too but it would be ideal if a thread could be maxed with just Calvin and Hobbes.
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Shakira Thread

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We need more her
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