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Musical Instruments

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Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

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Glove Fetish

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Prefer longer designs, leather & latex but other materials and lengths are welcome.
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Michelle Monaghan

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Michelle a cute. CUTE!!
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Emma Watson

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Time for a new thread. Beauty and the Beast only 3 days away!
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Hanna Reid

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The charm of this girl while she sings, I can not explain in words.

Hannah Reid (author and singer of London Grammar) dump
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So hard to find decent high quality pics of her help me out here.
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Kylie Jenner

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Superior Jenner thread
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Melissa Marie Green (Millionaires)

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Melissa Marie Green from the band "Millionaires"

Please contribute if you have something nice.
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Katy Perry Thread

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A true goddess
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