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Will be posting some Hieronymus Bosch, Pieter Bruegel and a selection of their respective followers
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Comfy Christmas/Winter oil paintings

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Cate Blanchett

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Felicity Jones

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cool photos
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tasty /hr/ food
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ships - every type is welcome
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/egs/ - Emma's Ghost Squad

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Bloopity Bean edition

>Not sure what Emma Stone General is all about?
The mission of /esg/ is to promote the intelligent discussion of Emily Jean Stone by providing members with opportunities for intellectual discussion, by recognizing patrician taste through posting images and fetish fantasies and by calling out Robert-sons as they arise.

>Haven't got an account? Follow this link and sign up today!

Emma and lady spotted rubbing booties >>3286543 >>3286545
Emma Stone and Rachel Weisz talk about English accent, swearing, Superbad, Olivia and "The Favourite" with BBC Radio 1
Emma goes to a thing >>3301327
Emma goes to another thing >>3301575 >>3301576 >>3301577 >>3301715 >>3301742
Emma takes a few pics >>3301790 >>3301791 >>3301792 >>3301933
Her new name is officially "Giggly Bob" >>3300978

Use >>>/hr/esg as a link to find the /esg/ thread.

Remember the following:
>Emily Jean occasionally reads these generals and has posted here before.
>Watsonners may pretend to be former Stoneheads, and then laugh at you for liking emlum plum
>NEVER respond positively to the DEGENERATE picture of fat Emma.
>This is a thread for funposting purposes only don't offer or expect serious discussion.

QotD: What would you do with eelmylem in the afterlife?
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World War II thread
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Morena Baccarin thread pls
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