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Kayleigh McEnany

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The Jen Psaki thread was a smashing success, but Jen Psaki's time in the sun is at an end (Redheads like her tend to not last very long in the sun). Unfortunately, the black ogress that Biden replaced her with isn't much to look at, so if we want a good looking Whitehouse Press Secretary to worship we have no choice but to turn to the past, and there has been no better looking specimen than the queen of the crop, Kayleigh McEnany.

Make Whitehouse Press Secretaries Great Again!
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Sculptures and paintings representing love, desire, eros, etc. Representations of divine love (as in union with and zeal for God's love) also accepted.

(No lewds or explicit stuff)
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Cardi B

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My 28 birthday /hr/ edition

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I just turned 28, I'm sad, please post stuff that you think could cheer up a person or get him sadder, or just whatever you want.
ITT: Random hr stuff
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Jessica Parker Kennedy

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old pictures

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share old photographs here
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Modest women's fashion
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Jennifer Lopez

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Whore is 53
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Hello /hr/, Its been a while. I said I would be back after my last thread a couple years back with the subject of The Temptation of St. Anthony and before that the Globus Cruciger. This time I chose to explore the works from the masters regarding The Last Judgement.

Often Christ the Judge takes on more authoritarian tones and is usually depicted with the four mythical beasts of the apocalypse—the lion, the ox, the eagle and the winged man—whose multiple eyes and wings symbolize the ability of God to see and know everything that exists.

I will share what I have, which is extensive, on the topic. Please wait before contributing, as I will attempt to make this a very long lasting thread
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