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heavy machinery

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toys for boys
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Movies general thread.
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Melissa Joan Hart

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Beacuse we all loved this witch
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previous thread: >>3149830

Continued classic celeb thread
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Anya Taylor-Joy

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It seems like forever since I've seen a thread about everybody's favourite ayylmao
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Jennifer lawrence

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Let's make a thread for our beautiful JLaw
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2560x2520 or larger.

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2560x2520 minimum resolution thread. If it's not at least this big, or doesn't look good on a 27"+ 1440p monitor, don't post it.

I've got a vertical two-monitor setup with very narrow bezels between the top and bottom monitor, so it works great as a single "big square". Problem is, it's a bitch to find good backgrounds that span both monitors. Even photos with a high enough resolution often look like shit at full size, or have artifacts etc. I've been using mostly false-color space telescope imagery because of this, but I'd like a little variety.

I'll start things off with one I cropped / resized myself.
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Hayden thread
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Classic Girls HR

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Classic Girls HR
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Barbara Palvin

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No Palvin thread? C'mon guys it's her birthday.
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