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World War 2 Thread

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Because it was way more interesting than WW1
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Vietnam war

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Anything from the Vietnam war will do
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U.S. Navy

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OP here from the previous thread. It did so well that it lasted 245 days and the bump limit was reached. Let's continue it.

Anything U.S. Navy. Especially ships.
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Random Hotness

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Just random HIgh Resolution pictures of beautiful women.
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Yo, I made this at uni

its 18 hig res metallographic images stitched together showing the case hardening of af iron specimen.

What do you think?
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Apink (에이핑크) Thread

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Photos of any members of Apink or the whole group would be appreciated
Thank :)
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New Celeb fake thread.
old thread
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Lily James

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New Elle Fanning

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Chloe Khan

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Dubai 20/03/2017