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Plebeian question for celeb guys:

Where do I find tons of pictures of someone relatively unknown in the West (Fan Bingbing)?
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The Future

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How could it look like?
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Vietnam war

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Anything from the Vietnam war will do
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Elle Fanning

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Cannes edition
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Porsche Museum, Stuttgart

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Went there today, was pretty awesome. Might hit up Mercedes tomorrow, I hear their museum is even better (even though I like Porsches more).
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World War 2 Thread

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Because it was way more interesting than WW1
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Female assholes

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Can we get a female asshole thread going, doesn't have to be this close up, but let's show those holes some love!
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Demi lovato

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Star Wars Cross Sections

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I'll post what I have. Feel free to add anything I've missed.
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Elizabeth Olsen

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