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Wiktoria Tokarska

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Beautiful Polish muscle girl
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Watch Thread

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Vintage Sexy

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Actresses, Models, Pin-Ups, etc...
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Sam Weaving

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Aussie Hottie
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Candice Swanepoel

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Candice anon is missing so i guess i'll make a thread.
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Scarlett Johansson!

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Emma Watson Worship Thread

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Before you automatically delete this thread may I remind you of the rules?
/hr/ - High Resolution

Post quality high-resolution 2D/3D artwork, scans, photography, and images of interest here.
Do not simply post images because they have large dimensions. If an image would be of interest to another board, please crosspost the image (resizing if necessary).
The high resolution board was created to provide a venue for extremely large images. It is not intended to be a random board.
Non-worksafe images are allowed, however content must be kept tasteful (no grossout images).

Tell me these pics aren't high quality and not just large dimensions.

Or better yet let me do your job for you. Here's some questionable content of poor quality you could delete instead of this thread.
breaking rule two of shit ass quality
rule two again
rule 2
these are all the same picture just varying degrees of shit quality
seriously look at this piss poor image
WTF even is this thread?

The point I'm clearly making but apparently some still need spelled out is how the fuck do you get butt hurt and delete the celeb fake threads under the pretense of poor image quality when this entire board clearly tolerates the examples given?

I'm gonna keep posting Celeb fakes OF HIGH QUALITY AND RESOLUTION. And if you don't like it click the little arrow next to the thread and click hide. It's what I do to all the gay tranny shit.
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Hitler/National Socialism/Fascism

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Rare Hitler's, kino images, propaganda and others related to Fascism. Ignore shills.

Good source for photos (share others if you have any)