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Taylor Swift: "I don't kno what the fuck is goin on anymore..' edition

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Shakira thread

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Need more of her
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Bella Thorne

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Can we have a birdy thread? Im terribly in love with her.
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/esg/ - Emma Stone General

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Confident in our actress of choice and so much so that we don't need to force the meme "Best Emma" in every single thread as an act of desperation Edition

>Not sure what Emma Stone General is all about?
The mission of /esg/ is to promote the intelligent discussion of Emily Jean Stone by providing members with opportunities for intellectual discussion, by recognizing patrician taste through posting images and fetish fantasies and by calling out Robert-sons as they arise.

>Haven't got an account? Follow this link and sign up today!

Anon wants other Anon dead for some reason >>2964561
notorious footfag mr. tarantino joins the thread >>2964688
Pete The Cat posts there by himself >>2964701
Anon bursts into a rap >>2966707 >>2966713 >>2966714
lol what the fuck uh there some fat black man singing its a wondeful world in an emma thread in a very deep voice >>2967906
Australian Anon's image gets posted to his dismay >>2969229
Emily Jean threatens Anon >>2970329
Anon satisfied with his Emily mousepad >>2970595
Anon bodyshames Emily >>2970943
Emily rules the large dark nipple people >>2971718
Anons dispute over Emily Jean and anal >>2972125

Use >>>/hr/esg as a link to find the /esg/ thread.

Remember the following:
>Emily Jean occasionally reads these generals and has posted here before.
>Watsonners may pretend to be former Stoneheads, and then laugh at you for liking Emily Jean
>This is a thread for funposting purposes only don't offer or expect serious discussion.

Why isn't she married with you?
All that I’ve been given
Is this pain that I’ve been livin'
They got me in the system
Why they gotta do me like that?
Tried to make it my way
But got sent up on the highway
Why? Oh why?
Why they gotta do me like that?
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Kat Dennings
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Gillian anderson

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I need moar of this woman to worship.
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Alicia Witt

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Summer fag says who
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