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If you have REALLY high resolution pictures please share them.
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Racing Cars (Old Photography)

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Post racing cars photography, normal cars are allowed but lets keep it in old photos, last thread was awesome.
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The Oil Industry

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The Hydrocarbon age lives on.
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Mommy Cinematic Universe # 16

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Mommy Cinematic Universe # 16 - Some sweet writefaggery from the previous thread edition.

previous thread here >>2820688

>Jessica Chastain - loving mommy who misses daddy that passed away dearly (who you look at a lot like)

>Antje Traue - mommy's uptight little sister who looks after you when she's out with friends. She's also quite stringent when it comes to your physical health

>Bryce Dallas Howard - supportive auntie who will help you and mommy in any way

>Marisa Tomei - Daddy's oldest sister, who was very close with him. You remind her a lot of him and she is always happy when you visit

>Emilia Clarke - Late daddy's youngest sister— frequently travels internationally for work, and has only seen you a handful of times. Insists on cuddling with you whenever she can, as she wants to make sure she makes up for lost time.

>Winona Ryder - auntie who mommy says "went away for a bit on a vacation" who constantly steals your clothes (and then your kisses when you try to get them back)

>Eva Green - mommy's and aunties strange cousin that inherits grandpapas house in town and meets you for the first time at his funeral and is very fond of you

>Cate Blanchett - mommy's strange foreign cousin who's a little cold and distant towards you at first, but when it's just the two of you she molests you. you feel confused because a part of you enjoyed the experience a lot.
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Black/dark women thread
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Iggs fucked up Ass (Papparazzi)

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what's up with /hr/ ...?

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Would be interesting with a scooter thread. Here's some OC
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The Future

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How could it look like?
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