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Spanish Female Celebrities

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Blanca Suarez
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Major world events

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I'd like to make a collection of iconic, unusual, striking pictures of major events of those past few years. It's been a wild ride, so much crazy shit happened, and we got some incredible pictures out of it.

Though I only have few to contribute, I hope /hr/ has more. Starting with Russian ambassador in Turkey killed by his bodyguard at an art expo.
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Lisa Olivia Munn

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last thread >>2931508
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Fashwave thread
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Ellen Page
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Nazi Germany historic photgraphs

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Lets get some high res photos of this era
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Elle Fanning thread

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Why is she so pure, bros?
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Celebs Collection

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Post your Celebs collection with how many pics it contains, also name your favorite Celeb, the one you can't stop obsessing about.

This will probably evolve to a general Celeb thread.

Mine is pic related, about 30k pictures, my obsession is Selena Gomez.
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Warhammer 40k Art

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Simple stuff, post all the WH40k art and quotes you can find
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