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70/80's hot women. (bonus for celebs)

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Hilary Duff
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Lady Gaga

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let's create a thread for our talented and beautiful pop icon Lady gaga.She is perfect.
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Slutty Sexy Singers

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Not your typical /mu/ waifus but for those you can't help want to go down and dirty on
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/JEW/ Celeb General

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Kosher Fever Forever

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/MILF/ Thread

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Celebrating the finest celeb Milfs. Post your favorites but please try to keep it to actual Milfs. As great as Christina Hendricks and Jennifer Aniston are, they are not mothers
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Big planes

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There's some threads up for fighter jets but none for airliners/cargo planes. Let's fix that
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/TSG/ Taylor Swift General

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Vote Left edition!
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