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Elizabeth Olsen

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Cate Blanchett

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Goddess Cate deserves a thread in celebration of Thor Ragnarok.
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Goddess Sophie Turner Worship Circle

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Sansafag still dead but it's ok because red hair is back edition


Sophie's waifus Maisie, Smirkfu and Hailee are welcome

Official Emma tier list: Stone>Watson>the other one
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Girls Ilustrations

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Post some girls ilustrations, as ex. paintings, pin-up's, watercolor paintings, or whatever, keep it classy and different from all the other threads.
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Celebrity open mouth/spit in UHQ Pt.4

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Old one died, or is pretty much dead.

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Lipstick Thread

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Post pretty girls with lipstick/lip gloss.

No Duck Lips please.
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Harry Styles

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Celeb Fakes Thread

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Felicity Jones Edition

Previous thread: >>3002287
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Dreamlike places
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