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Century series/50s jets

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Most aesthetic era of aviation
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For the Emperor!

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graphic cards
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Your favorite pornstar thread

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Post a (semi-tasteful, i.e. just not super hardcore) pic/pics of your favorite porn actress(es). Others deride you for your shit taste or compliment your choices, or lie and pretend they don't have a pornstar they're a fan of and pretend to be superior.
Nudity welcome/encouraged, but try to avoid just posting them getting drilled and jizzed on.

I'm posting two. First, pic related has always held a place in my heart. And ik she's not the #1 most attractive of all time (but still up there), but I'm taking the quality of the videos the person is in into account.
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Elizabeth Debicki
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Color(ized) WW2 photos that look like they're made in modern days

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Most photos are black and white and the colorized ones usually look blurry, unnatural contrast and like they're taken from a movie or something, I am looking for photos that are as close to modern day photos as possible.
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previous thread: >>3138810

Continued classic celeb thread
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Cars/Racecars - Old Photography

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Hey, I'm back with this thread hoping to find some good material, I'll try to post daily.
This thread is intended to be about old photography of cars, or that kind of style, the older the better, if you cant post a brief description of the photo would be great but it isn't necessary. Even paintings are accepted and all kinds of races, but lets try to keep it different.
Dont answer to normies...
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Celeb Pubic Hair

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in bikini
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