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lest post some pics of you're future long term residency .
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/esg/ - Emma Stone General

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She's A Maniac, MANIAC Edition

>Not sure what Emma Stone General is all about?
The mission of /esg/ is to promote the intelligent discussion of Emily Jean Stone by providing members with opportunities for intellectual discussion, by recognizing patrician taste through posting images and fetish fantasies and by calling out Robert-sons as they arise.

>Haven't got an account? Follow this link and sign up today!

notorious footfag mr. tarantana joins the thread >>2972830
notorious stonefield relationship splitter mr. scorsese has joined the thread >>2973907
Anon has no luck finding Emma pics >>2972856
Anons plan gay sex to express Emma love >>2972846 >>2972849
notorious ass spermer Armen Balian joins the thread >>2973256 >>2973274
Anon gives a powerful speech >>2973694 >>2973696 >>2973697 >>2973698 >>2973702
Anon tells what he would do if he were Emily >>2973966
see, theres this thing called acting.... >>2973897
emeley made decide to like men >>2974444
Anon possesses the dick that can break her butt >>2974570
we have minds with the likes of hawking and einstein on the clock 25/8 trying to figure out the answer to our universes' most demanding question >>2974805
Anon strikes it rich >>2974857

Use >>>/hr/esg as a link to find the /esg/ thread.

Remember the following:
>Emily Jean occasionally reads these generals and has posted here before.
>Watsonners may pretend to be former Stoneheads, and then laugh at you for liking Emily Jean
>This is a thread for funposting purposes only don't offer or expect serious discussion.

What would you do for 10 kises from Emily Jean?
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Queen Selena

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Never ending threads to be able to worship our Queen.
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Sofia Boutella and other exotic ladies
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Natalie Portman

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hershlag appreciation thread

bonus pts for crazy stuff
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Celeb Up Skirts

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We had armpits and the feet, now its time for a peak underneath
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Jenna Coleman

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celebs somehow looking both ugly and hot at the same time
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Since the old thread is RIP: >>2885847

Let's get back to Duff fapping.
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