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Studio Ghibli

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What about a good ol' Sutajio Jiburi General ?
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Beautiful Nature

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Best You've Ever Found/Download/Post here in /hr

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What's that image that makes you proud of /HR?
Share it!
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Post movie posters. Bonus points for Godzilla and giant monster shit.
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Let's take it to the bridge!
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Sarah Michelle Gellar

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I did not like her when Buffy was broadcasted the first time. But now the little bitch gives me a wooden stake.
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Abstract art

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/aag/ - Amy Acker General

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Last thread was comfy >>2973030

The goal of this thread is to have a safe place to post Amy, talk about this beautiful and talented actress, her works and career, and be a place to collect beautiful pics of the the sweet and adorable Amy Acker.
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Fictional Maps

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Fictional Maps
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