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I'll say what i know

The US has a long history of organizing FALSE FLAGS attacks on its troops or its people for huge later profits.One good example is the sinking of the USS Maine(1898) that lead to the Spanish–American War that the US won at a great profit taking Cuba,Puerto Rico, Guam and the Philippine Islands from Spain

Later using False flags internally like the Oklahoma city bombing in order to get ahead of the social frustration and anger that they created when the Feds burnt those Christian sectants in Waco Texas.Kind of like creating an artificial fire to counter-burn a natural fire and get the sympathy and the victimization back of the Fed side.
So it seems False flags are pretty clever,although cynical,but they work.

So why didn't the 9/11 False Flag work? To my amateur eye it seems like a major failure and waste.

The US killed 2-3000 of their own goober citizens meh that doesn't matter they have millions anyway and destroyed a few buildings.
The thinking was that this would bring such a wave of emotion that would push the US into the heart of the ME to control it then use the Muslims under US command to hit the Russians & the Chinese later on.
So what happened to this simple good plan?!?

Understandable the Ruskies & the Chinks could not stand idly by knowing what the US was planing to do so they must have invested and gave help to all and any force that was trying to push the US out.The Iranians too must have helped.The Syrians too.Maybe all non-US allies did something

And the US project seems to have failed.
Retreated from Afghanistan & Iraq.All the US has left are some scattered military bases.

Now considering the TRILLIONS lost and a couple of thousands of stupid soldiers lost i'm thinking maybe the US could have put aside 20 Billion and bought those damn bases from Saddam himself.

So my question is? Are False flags profitable and doable only close to home & the further away you do them the less they work?