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[ D a i l y - B i k e - T h r e a d ] - /dbt/

Kiyonari at a rainy donington inspiration edition.


>Motorcycle Questions & Answers
>Motorcycle Routes & Meetups
>Motorcycle Gear & Accessories
>Motorcycle Adventures & Blog Posts
>Motorcycle Pictures & Webms

/dbt/ map: Meet, Fight, Fuck.

Motorcycle Ergonomics Simulator:

Noob? Git gud:

webums with sounds:

Previously on /dbt/
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Rx-7/8 Alternatives

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I'm trying to decide which car to go for, I've fallen in love with the look of the RX-8 and also RX-7 to a very slightly smaller degree, saving for and buying one isn't out of my budget but from what I can tell maintaining them will be. My question is what alternatives are there with a similar style design but lower cost to maintain, ideally that can be bought at AUD-$7500-$15000? Power/speed isn't a priority for me, if I had to name something I did care about it would be handling.
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/hg/ 本田

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>the most intelligent species alive
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Korean General /kg/

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Korean car owners welcome
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Has anybody owned an elise? Everybody i talk to says they are great on the track. Always wanted one and I think I'm at the point where I can afford one. Really excited. There are a few on my local autotrader I'm planning on checking out. But really I'll probably ask somebody to go with me, don't know what to look for. Red I think is too flashy, maybe silver? Either way, as long as it runs and isn't beat on. Also might look at earlier lotus, but eh, I like the Elise. Keep true to my goal lol. Elise or hell an exige if i can find one. Really the exige is harder to find and usually way more expensive. But what are you gonna do? As long as they are in demand the price will reflect it. I don't mind. That's life.
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Redpill me on hybrids

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I thought hybrids were supposed to save you tons of money on gas in the long run but now i hear that i'd be better of with a honda civic.

Redpill me on hybrids /o/
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/o/ help!

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A friends bf is a car salesman, heard I wanted a project car and offered me this (pic related). Should I go for it? 1.8k, running condition, he said they do test drive. No warranty, 100k miles, according to him
>Needs a new paint job and some new leather or cloth on the seats they are pretty warn out but everything under the seats is good and it's a v6 but 346 horse power you can build that up to like 550 600 if you add the right parts

What do you think /o/? Should I? First time buying a used car.
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My car has not jacking point in the front, but I want to put a jack stand under both sides. I've read that you can use the car subframe, but I'm scared of demolishing something.
What is the proper way to raise both sides of a car using a jack when there is no center point?
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Sup fagg/o/ts remember me? The guy that put a down payment on wheels that cost more than your car? They arrived yesterday.
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