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Ghetto Fixes You've Done / Neglect Thread

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who here /shittyhandyman/

Rigged this one up last night. O2 Sensor won't stop backing itself out. Vice Grips mounted and taped to the sway bar and we good for 50 miles at a time until I locktite.
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Gixxer edition

>Motorcycle Crashes
>Motorcycle Related Cartoons
>Motorcycle Memes & Circljerking
>Motorcycle Gear & Accessories
>Motorcycle Bashing
>Motorcycle Pics & Webms
>Motorcycle Dating Advice

>/dbt/ map updated July 2017:

Nobike? Start here:


>Motorcycle Ergonomics simulator:

Webms with sound:

Previously on /dbt/:
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/mg/ miata general.

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Will 205/50/16 tires fit on a NA miata?
I already mounted 205/55/16's on the rear. Upgrading my 205/45/16's on the front would even it a bit out.
I'm worried it will rub though. It's not lowered.
Also: post tires for Miata and Miata general.
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Why does Maserati still exist? They're the Mitsubishi of premium cars and don't really have anything going for them.
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In terms of technology, how does Top Fuel compare to F1 and WRC?
>11000HP out of 8L
>320MPH+ in only 1000ft
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Embarrassing/Cringey Stories Thread

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Lets all share the pain real quick

>be me, 45 minutes ago
>driving through busy city centre
>stop at red light crossing
>must be about 50 people on each side waiting at the bus stops (rush hour)
>decide I might as wel give them a show
>light turns green
>slam the gas, tyres smoking
>reach 20mph, still in first
>decide to go straight into third
>car thinks otherwise, let go of the clutch while stuck trying to push the stick into third
>real fucking depressing noises and the engine stutters
>everyone watching
>finally manage to get it into third and at this point someones already shouted an insult at me
>try my hardest to laugh it off while visibly shaking
>park up and just sit there with my head on the steering wheel for half an hour
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How did Chevy fuck up the Monte Carlo so bad?

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>3.8 L V6
>fucking 240 HP???

Infiniti G35 same model year
>3.7 L V6
>Naturally aspirated
>298 HP

What a shame, I always loved the v8 boxy old RWD monte carlos from the 80s, no wonder they gave up making them in 2007.
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what do your local cops drive?
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Questions that don't deserve their own thread / QTDDTOT

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What are some good european brands to look for when buying used? How are Opel Insignia?
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>Go to local Subaru dealer
>64 new Outbacks in every possible color on the visible spectrum in stock
>0 WRXs in stock
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