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Serious question for those of you who know way more about cars than myself.

I'm about to buy a 2015 GLI from a older family member who never used it. The price can't be beat for only 22K miles on it. With the whole HURRR VW EMISSIONS etc. Is there any downsize to owning a 2015 VW?
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Youth gang burns over 80 cars in Sweden

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Does your insurance cover force majoure like this?

What bad have cars done to deserve riot like this? Why youth gangs burn cars?

Hope they didn't ruin any old Volvos and Saabs.
>tfw they spared Honda Civiccu and poverty spec A class
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>Harley's own customers are killing the company.
>Trump is literally killing a us company because he doesn't know how the economy works

Like Pottery
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Please explain pick-up trucks to me.

Just came home from a holiday in Southern US were I saw so many of these abominations absolutely everywhere, almost always with an empty bed and one or two grossly overweight occupants.

Read some comments on a forum stating that "If you're a family of 4 wanting to go to the beach, this is one of the only vehicles you can fit your stuff in". What absolute garbage, we were 4 adults, all over 6" and we were perfectly adequate in a Ford Mondeo Sedan, even with all our luggage.

I just don't understand the need for these absurd and opulent vehicles, except maybe for commercial use where I still think a van can haul more stuff, and why ANYONE would own one as a personal vehicle is beyond me.

Some examples:

Want to fit a lot of stuff in your car?
- Get a Volvo Stationwagon

Want luxury and comfort?
- Get a Volvo Stationwagon

Want to tow 5000 pounds?
- Get a Volvo Stationwagon

Want a diesel?
- Get a diesel Volvo Stationwagon

Want reliability
- Get an old Volvo Stationwagon

Want safety?
- Get a Volvo Stationwagon

Want good fuel economy?

- You can even get a hybrid Volvo Stationwagon.

Other than compensating for something, I can not see the use for these cars at all.

Convince me that a pickup truck is better than a V90 Stationwagon in anyway
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This is the ideal automobile form. You may not like it but this is what peak performance looks like.
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Post your car related tattoos.
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/hg/ 本田 Honda General

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>tfw just succesfully recharged my shitbox's A/C with refrigerant from autozone and now its blowing ice cold air for this desert heat

Holy shit i feel like such a badass
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Why do engineers trust rubber to not snap and destroy engines?
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