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Why do "car guys" hate electric cars so much?

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Why are these so popular? They look like a fucking VW Beetle
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/dbt/ - Daily Bike Thread

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consider the CB500x (rare green() edition!

>skidplate design fundamentals
>topcase/luggage mounting solutions
>CB500 legion headquarters association
>Pass the class, wear the plug
>Pictures of people you have sex with
>GN125 build
>Motorcycle dating advice
>RTV sealantmaxxing techniques
>Lowsiding techniques
>Survival reaction outsourcing with ABS
>Motorcycle anime girls
>never buying used and never buying new


Link that hurts jannies:

Must read before posting:

Twist of the Wrist II by Keith Code:

Street Smarts outdated safety video:


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This Honda supermini weighs more than 3,300lbs. That's about the same as say, a 2015 Mercedes Benz C-class wagon, despite being the size of a Mini Cooper. It has a much smaller wheelbase than the wagon, is slower to accelerate, and has a much lower top speed. The driving range is also much less than not just the wagon, but any ICE road car today.
Why the hell would anyone buy this? I've seen a few of these. It's designed as a city car but it has only one of the benefits of a city car (it's size) but all of the downsides AND MORE. As a driving machine, it's worse than the C-class Merc in every way despite the Merc being a luxury car designed for comfort because it does not compensate for the weight and small wheelbase in any way.
Is this thing Honda's biggest fuckup?
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How do you deal with range anxiety in an ICEV?
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/ovg/ - oil and blood money edition

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Welcome to the Auto Vidya General, the thread for discussion of racing and driving games.

Previous thread >>26684990


IP: mumble.get-good.net
Port: 64738
Password: 4ch


>Equipment Guide

>Check the doc. Current series: BTCC ..in rF2... and 60's F1 in AC
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Do you personalize your vehicle
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>0-60 doesn't matter
>top speed doesn't matter
>1/4 mile doesn't matter
>hp doesn't matter
>nürburgring time doesn't matter
Then what does?
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TRUCKS muscle,lifted,lowered

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I fucking love trucks, please discuss them with me and post cool ones
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>be verstappen
>open drs
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