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>people who stop at empty roundabouts
fucking kill yourselves
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Police Pull Over Stories

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Can Americans share some of their personal stories about getting pulled over by the police? It seems like every American gets pulled over twice a day by the police or I just watch too much LivePD.
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Moving to europe, specifically germany soon. Whats the most "fuck you america" car i can get or import over? Thinking of somthing i can easily mod to make even more american and obnoxious
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Ariz/o/na meet, Oct 20

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Epic Arizona 4chan meet up, post 2.

Hello and welcome to Ariz/o/na.

>join our discord at:
>follow us on insta at:

Next meet:
Scottsdale Pavilions car show, with a cruise to hwy 88 after.
Be on the lookout for weeb stickers and Ariz/o/na stickies near the cuck sheds in front of the Home Depot ese.

>The Pavilions at Talking Stick 9175 E Indian Bend Rd, Scottsdale, AZ 85250
>Highway 88: 33.525799, -111.392159

>Saturday, October 20th. 6:30pm at pavilions, leave for driving at 9:00pm

Other stuff:
Please don't be a retard, don't rev your car, or do burnouts at the meet, unless you want to talk to the police, who are always there.
If you have walkie talkies, its a good idea to bring those for the cruise.
Do not crash your car, we likely won't want to help you.
Bringing sipps is a good idea.
Other Upcoming Events:
Winter Hoon:
Winter Hoon 2018 will be held in Las Vegas sometime after Christmas, more details to come.
This a collaborative meet with S/o/Cal, we will be meeting in the middle, between Phoenix and
Las Angeles. Exact dates are not set yet.

You retards better bump my thread this time.
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/dbt/ {Daily Bike Thread}

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May comfy road trips and calm weather bless you today edition

>Motorcycle Questions & Answers
>Motorcycle Tips & Tricks
>Motorcycle News and Reviews
>Motorcycle Gears & Accessories
>Motorcycle Pics & Webms
>Motorcycle Shitposting in General

No Bike? Read the sticky:

Rider Fitment Simulator:

A2 Licensing Bikes List:

Crash Helmet Safety Info:

Previous Thread >>19868884
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is 28 too old to have a shitbox?

I been through countless amounts of shitboxes since i started driving, my neighbour is like 50 and drives a fucking 350z as his weekend car

I dont wana be 50 and have a 350z but its been a year since i had a shitbox

>last shit box was a CIVIC

and i really feel like an integra now, but i just dont i hate having to be aware of my age while driving
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ebay turbos

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anyone experience with ebay turbos? how likely is it going to kill the engine?
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Why did worm driven rear ends fall out of favor for all but the heaviest duty trucks or 3rd world trucks applications when they are superior in function for heavy payloads and towing?
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Let's get that Halloween spirit going

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Post haunted/spoopy cars
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