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>post my 2002-2005 5dr civic on reddit
>they think's a type-r

God I hate reddit
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Modern cars looking similar

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At first glnce i actually thought this was a Kia something or other. Do you guys do this in your head ever?
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A literal team of highly-paid designers came up with this.
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[Daily Bike Thread - /dbt/]

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Why doesnt anyone else make threads edition

>Motorcycle Shitposting & Brand *Pragmatism
>Motorcycle Questions & Answers
>Motorcycle Tips & Tricks
>Motorcycle Gears & Accessories
>Motorcycle Pics & Webms
>Motorcycle Dating Advice
>Motorcycle Chicken Strip Support Group

Outdated map:

No bike? Start here:

Ergonomics simulator:

Beginner bikes:

Crash helmet safety info:

Previous Thread:
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I was driving around minding my own business in my 2 week old Corolla and the alarm started going off while driving.

I parked turned off the car and turned it back on and it went away, went to work then went home and nothing happened.

Anything I should be worried about?
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What do y/o/u guys think of this?
>Find wrecked GT350R
>Find not wrecked 240Z
>Put the 5.2L Voodoo in the 240Z
>Top tier meme machine
I have seen people put modular V8s in 240s so I know it can be done
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so i ended up with a gt86 as a trade in for my golf gti. it feels sluggish, and the interior feels a little cheap. I'm starting to regret it. i fucked up didn't i?
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*blocks your spot*
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>douchebag camping the left lane
>switch to right lane to pass him
>he floors the gas
>switch back to left lane since cars are coming up in the right lane
>he slows down again
why isn't it legal to carry an rpg to deal with people like this?
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Is Lexus as Reliable as Toyota or Honda?

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In another thread a few months ago, other Anons swore Lexus was as long-lasting and as reliable as Toyotas and Hondas. How true is this? If you take moderate to great care of a Lexus, are you going to get 300,000+ miles out of it with no major problems?

Also, are modern Lexus SUVs, like pictured, available without all the 4G, GPS, touchscreen tech shit in it?
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