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So I'm about to move to Guam for 3 years, and I'll be coming back to the states in 2020. So with import laws in mind, if I were to take a week in Japan to find a car, the latest year model I would be able take back to America correct? Cause I'm interested in getting an S14, I would like the s15 but that's a 1996 and up car, same with the s14 kouki. Just trying to understand so I can get a plan together for the future
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All these stupid idiot horrible drivers have one thing in common.

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why are used tahoes so much more expensive than used expeditions?

I was looking at 2007 examples of these full size suvs and found that tahoes are almost TWICE as much as their ford counterparts

Whats up with this? does for just suck or what?
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Do you let your girlfriend drive your car, /o/?
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BMW's M division might sell autos only, BMW's Marketing Dept. confirmed retards

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M's vice-president of sales and marketing, Peter Quintus, says:

>about 450 horsepower (335kW) and 600Nm was more or less the limit of manual-gearbox durability.

Which is interesting considering the "outdated" gearboxes have been coping with more than that for years now.
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/o/ cringe

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/o/ cringe thread
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[ D a i l y B i k e T h r e a d ] - /dbt/

Rotkehlchen edition

>Motorcycle Questions & Answers
>Motorcycle Routes & Meetups
>Motorcycle Gear & Accessories
>Motorcycle Friend Finder
>Motorcycle Chicken Strip Rating
>Motorcycle Adventures
>Motorcycle Pictures & Webms

/dbt/ map:
>not getting posted until you update it

Noob? Git gud

ebin webms with sound:

old thread
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/o/ should I pull the trigger?
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Would 25 1000 dollar cars last longer than 1 25,000 dollar car and be cheaper with maintenance?
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Law thread

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Since the last four days have generated a lot of discussion regarding laws, perhaps a thread where we can discuss and ask for legal advice strictly related to our automobiles, or your motor vehicles is called for.

I want this one to be more open however as the previous threads had been strictly concerning the american judicial systems though, I'm sure itll be the main subject anyway.

>what is this thread for?
Legal advice concerning personal home asset automobiles and commercial(that is a registered automobiles, acording to american law. Deffinitions vary by country) motor vehicles. Or general questions regarding your laws so you can understand your rights to drive and travel on vehicles
>why was it made?
Perhaps you dont feel like starting a thread about your speeding ticket incident but are free to post here to vent or get legal advice anonymously so be warned and always hire a lawyer for trial.
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