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video of a black guy getting butthurt about getting flamed for having a V6 camaro and trying to pretend it's no big deal to have a V6 and trying to act like it doesn't matter and that it's still a real camaro

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/ORG/ offroad shenanigans and fuckery

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Might as well make the attempt. Gonna spam some pics, minus the OP pic, from the event i was at today

Enjoy and feel free to shitpost along with me fellow dirt heads
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I’ve fuckin had it

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Who let Douglas Defungus near a small fortune
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Which excudes more status: a 2017 G30 5series

or a 2014-2015 X5?

i have a budget of about 35k€ so I can pick between those options
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Racing Shoes

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I'm going to be getting a pair of motorsport shoes soon. Should I get the high tops or low tops? The hightops look cooler to me, but I'm worried the extra ankle support might make it harder to manipulate the pedals, which would defeat the purpose of buying them in the first place. Does anyone know anything about this?

I know this is only tangentially car related but I wanted to ask where I might get answers from serious drivers.
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Daily Car Carry

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What do you carry with you in your car at all times? Post pics
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>manual transmission
>selectable 4wd ( not AWD bullshit)

Why the fuck does this not exist? I drive a 87 4Runner and it does all of this, yet somehow 30 years later we have regressed.
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Looked through the catalog and didn't see one

My radiator blew the other night, it was only the plastic tank on the top so I had it replaced and put it all back together last night when we started it everything seemed normal but as we drove for a bit the temp went all the way up, after stopping again we noticed smoke coming from under the turbo, what are the chances i just fucked the head gasket? Anything else I should be wary of?
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What are the absolute most relevant classic cars of Europe from the 20th century?
>Spain - Seat 600
>Italy - Fiat 500/600
>France - Citröen 2CV
>Germany - Beetle
these are all i know
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How do I make a Corvette look youthful and rebellious?
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