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It’s not that b-bad... Right /o/?

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I just bought a 93 Miata the other day with 210k on the chassis and 120k on the motor and tranny. It’s a C-Package with the Torsion LSD and costed me $1500.
There was obvious rust on the fenders which didn’t bother me much especially after seeing how strong it runs and handles. But earlier today I went to do an oil change and saw pic related.
How fucked is it? Should I just sell it? Or will it survive another year or two. It handles great and there isn’t any obvious issues while driving, but this looks concerning.
Also rust stories ITT I guess
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Let's Brainstorm a Mass Produced Solar Car

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When developing a Solar Car for mass production, I would recommend developing from the Sunswift Violet (design and specs pictured).

Help add to the conversation /o/ld folks.
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Best 0-60 for the money?
Preferably anything that can do it in 4.5 or less?
>inb4 0-60 is a stupid metric and you should take into account N-ring times and other shit
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wait for it
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YLYL /o/ edition

Bonus for Virgin vs Chad
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Give it to me straight
Pros, cons, and opinions
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/fg/ Ford General

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Ford Thread
>buying used edition

>Brands welcomed
Ford, Lincoln, Mercury, Merkur, Troller (Brazilian SUV manufacturer)

>How do I join the collage? How does it work?
Post proof via food on hood, time stamp, or /osg/ stickers and upload a photo you would like to use (may use proof pic for collage)
Include year and model
Photos will be removed after a year unless you update it with new pics (do not need proof to update)
New columns will be made for models not yet in the collage
There is no limit how many cars you enter
If your car is no longer with you, let us know! It will be immortalized on the collage and it will not expire.

Honda sister thread
Toyota sister thread

Bump the thread if it's at page 4 or further.

>Relaying Headlights

>Anon's Engine Sound

Previous thread:
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>1994 Toyota Supra Turbo Sport Roof
>32k miles
>ugly ass interior
>sold for $50k


daily reminder that not all Supras were created equal. you can still get a MKIV Supra for dumb cheap.

and if you don't think $50k for a Toyota Supra is cheap then this thread isn't for you.
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/o/ is going hill climbing. What car do you bring?
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>Tfw I unironically kinda want one
Goddamnit, I know it’s FCA quality and just a rebadged Panda, but those little roadster type lines are so appealing.
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