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>eating in your car
>smoking in your car
>fucking in your car
>doing anything in your car other than driving

I seriously hope you guys don't partake in such activities
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random question:

What exactly does "releasing the parking brake"
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QTDDTOT - Questions That Don't Deserve Their Own Threads

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A thread for asking all the short/stupid questions you have.

>Before you type in your question here, Google it. If you can't find an answer to your question there, come here.

>Also go through the thread to find questions which are unanswered and answer them if you know.

Good day!

Previous Thread, >>17625868 reached it's rev limiter.
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Haggard Garage is about to hit 500,000 subscribers and it's all your fault.
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4chan cup Summer match 1

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Surprise, we're in Summer!
Because of a few teams being culled due to not having had any fan interaction for a while, our team got bumped up a few spots, just enough to participate to the Elite competition.

Our first match of the Summer Cup will take place in around 30 minutes, after the current /sp/-/lgbt/ match is over. Get hyp.
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[VIN Check] Pls?

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Poor college-fag looking for a VIN check on JM1NA3535T0706067. It's for sale, and I'd like to know what I'm getting into.
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>tfw you fell for the change your own oil meme
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Why does the Corvette is faster but other cars costs mores?
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It's like they just contracted small children to make up names for products, fucking horrendous
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How do you get car with bad credit? Have around $1,500 saved and tired of buying lemons. First car was $1,700 2000 Malibu and it lasted about 7 months before the transmission stopped shifting gears after 3rd gear. 2nd car was a $500 96 Corolla that lasted maybe 2 months before the head gasket blew.

Just want a dependable ~$5K car that I could finance and pay off within a year. Need a car now.
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