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1. Very based
2. This should be expanded to all traffic violations. If you have evidence of someone running a red light, not using their turn signal, speeding, etc you should be able to submit the evidence to get them ticketed
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songs you are not allowed to listen below 90mph.
hard mode: no phonk
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Which one is Clarkson, May and Hammond?
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Heritage plates?

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Thoughts on Heritage plates? Seems like an epic way to do the laundry if you catch my drift ;) xox
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My friends, habibis even,
does anyone know where I can get this fine garment?
Bashar, Ismail and Yussuf are driving our BMW 320d with the ///M Package 5 days of the week and every other saturday, so I decided to get official merchandise of the Prophet's (pbuh) brand, so people will know I do not drive some rancid Audi A3 1.9 TDI.
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How far is too far of a trip for you? If it's more than like 40 miles for me I'd rather just stay at home. I drive an SUV that gets like 12mpg.
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Donut media

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This is my favourite youtube car channel and I don't care what you faggots say in the other thread
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Good trailer brands?

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I fucked up and went down the rabbit hole of trailer reviews, and now I'm under the impression I either buy a Diamond C and get good quality with shit customer service, or buy a cheap Big Tex (or other "budget" manufacturer) and call it a day. I just want a 20 foot flatbed car/equipment trailer with slide in ramps. Want a 10klb capacity so I never really have to worry about what I put on it. Right now I use my dad's 6x14 mystery trailer (no branding) and it started to feel sketchy (as in literally bowing at the frame under the wood and on the sides) when I had a pallet of quikrete and a pallet of outdoor porcelain centered mostly over the axles. Should have been less than 6klbs on it altogether.

Any help is appreciated. I just want to buy something and not have to worry about anything but fixing lights and lubing axles for the next 20 years.
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What is the better buy

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>2005 Land Rover Ranger Rover Sport with 147k miles for $5800

>2006 Lincoln Navigator with 250k miles for $6000
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Where do you stand on drive-by-wire, and all related by-wire technologies?
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