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How do you get car with bad credit? Have around $1,500 saved and tired of buying lemons. First car was $1,700 2000 Malibu and it lasted about 7 months before the transmission stopped shifting gears after 3rd gear. 2nd car was a $500 96 Corolla that lasted maybe 2 months before the head gasket blew.

Just want a dependable ~$5K car that I could finance and pay off within a year. Need a car now.
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At what point does a car become a death trap?
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Why are Chevy's such shit
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No Kawasaki, you are drunk

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Glad $70,000 superbikes are back to being a thing, since they died in the early 90s (outside of the Desmosedeci RR and 1199 Superleggera).

Didn't McLaren designer Frank Stephenson say that aero on bikes was a good idea?
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It's like they just contracted small children to make up names for products, fucking horrendous
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RWD>AWD>FWD>Fake AWD (e.g. Haldex)

Are we all agreed?
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So I just got to a houseparty. there's a Bronco with a WAT and eurobeat sticker outside. I asked the party host whose it was.

"Oh that's Matt's, he's my roommate. He'll probably just be staying in his room."

Come find me Matt.
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Post your classiest rice.
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I like my wheels but I guarantee that I'm the only one who likes them.
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Scrap info

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I need to find out if a certain BMW has been scrapped. I've searched the web for a few hours and haven't found any info on if its been sold or scrapped. its VIN number is as follows: WBAWV13558P120756