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Don't see a thread, Post up recent pictures of your car.
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how you learnt to drive

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who taught you to drive? when and where? instructor or private? eurocuck or ameristani?
I still remember my driving instructor
>lady in her 60s
>had a high mileage hyundai accent
>steering wheel peeling off
>clutch takeup 1mm off the floor
>all numbers worn off the gear lever
>engine sounded wheezy as shit
>instructed me never to engine brake
>push-and-pull steering only
>used to get out to smoke cigarettes when I practised parking
good times
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>Driving instructor told me I'm too brainlet to be taught to drive
>Told me to pull over, gave me my money back and said good luck half way through the lesson
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why does marty put up with moogs shit?

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GPS car tracker

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I recently had a fuse blow out in the car I bought a few months ago from a buy here pay here car lot. When I went down to the fuse box to replace the fuse, I found this little black box hanging in the middle of nowhere. I turned it around and looked up the FCC ID, and, turns out, it's a "Traxit X 2G GPS Tracker", which, I am assuming it's used for vehicle retrieval because some bitch nigger couldn't pay his bills. Pulling fuses did not power down the unit, so, I traced the wires, and, it's spliced into the OBDII port Mexican style. The unit itself is sealed extremely well for a GPS tracker, according to related PDF files, "sonic weld sealed", whatever the fuck that means. I thought of clipping the wires and either leaving the unit disconnected and wait till someone calls me, or, clipping the wires, reconnecting it to a power source, and then gluing it to another persons vehicle. Anyone got any better ideas?

Found GPS device. Thinking of being an asshole. Disconnect and wait for contact, disconnect and hook up to a battery and attach to another persons vehicle, or (insert better idea here)?
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How is this a god-tier engine whatsoever? Name one engineering quality that this engine posses that was either an advancement in the field of automotive engineering, or was an accomplishment of any kind, whatsoever.

the only argument for this engine is
>muh power/size, price/performance

The "power" the ls engines make is the same kind of output as a literal fucking truck engine. Low end torque is NOT remotely needed in a performance application at all, asides from maybe drag racing which is a joke and autistic as fuck.

They only exist because GM decided a long time ago to put a truck engine in a cars body and call it a sportscar. That is why the LS exists and corvette exist. Nowhere in there is anything worth mentioning engineering wise.

Ls swaps usually cost over 20g if they're going to be anywhere near the "not half-assed" threshold, and for 20g you can pick almost any common engine, get the same output as an ls and the same reliability, which, is honestly fucking garbage. They have cooling problems, oiling problems, oil cooling problems, bent pushrods. etc and the fact that people glorify them as much as they do when they don't even come with forged connecting rods is just proof at how overrated these garbage ass truck engines are. Anyone who says they're anything but a garbage ass truck engine piece of shit is a fucking idiot and doesn't know anything about cars or engineering.
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Haggard Garage is about to hit 500,000 subscribers and it's all your fault.
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Post your cockpit bozos.
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