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>*btfo's chrisfix*

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/hg/ 本田

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Hey guys, my car got stolen this morning, I've pretty much given up hope of seeing it again, any ideas for what I should get next?

in australia btw.
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Haggard Garage is about to hit 500,000 subscribers and it's all your fault.
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German cars vs American cars vs Japanese cars vs Italian cars vs British cars

You can only pick one (1)
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Thoughts on G35 (buying a car soon)

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What are /o/ opinions of the G35? I have a budget around 9k USD, and I am looking at your typical candidates for coupes and sport used. Leaning towards a 2007 g35. Change my mind
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It's like they just contracted small children to make up names for products, fucking horrendous
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What is your opinion on autonomous cars /o/?
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Childhood vehicles

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The last car from my childhood is gone, now. I was going to buy it off my parents, but it got sent to the junkyard instead a few days ago and I couldn't find it. RIP minivan, 2004-2018 You barely had 100k miles. Gone too soon.

What cars did you guys' parents have when you were growing up?

To the maybe 1 of you interested in how it went:
>Minivan had a few minor problems
>Relative fixed it
>Mom gives it to relative since I have a car already and hadn't bought the minivan yet (I was going to buy it and said would, but I wasn't expecting it to change hands in the interim)
>Relative lives in hood
>Unlicensed driver neighbor across the street constantly wrecks into minivan backing out to go to work
>Hits it every time it gets fixed
>Relative won't burn the house they're renting down, police say there's nothing they can do about it
>People are too poor to pay even if sued; hit another relative's lexus while they were visiting and got sued by insurance, but have literally no assets or liquid funds
>Uncle sends working vehicle (only problem was getting a new radiator and oil pan which had both been fixed) to junkyard without letting anybody know for the scrap value
>Vehicle me mum was going to sell me for $300 (old deal from when she sold the previous car to a different relative) is like $4,000 looking online for a similar vehicle in worse condition
>Sentimental value, gone

Fug. That minivan persisted through the deaths of all 4 grandparents.
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German engineering thread

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