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you can only post in this thread if you have 4 pedals
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/DBT/ - Daily Bike Thread

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White Power Edition

>Motorcycle Seat Sniffing
>Motorcycle Exhaust Huffing
>Motorcycle Parts Smuggling
>Motorcycle Tank Swapping
>Motorcycle Helmet Cleaning

Ain't got a ride? Get one and get gone!

Twist of the Wrist II:
Additional Viewing:

READ THE STICKY: >>23526953
FAQ: https://pastebin.com/xu560p4q

Threadly Question: Which bike is guaranteed to get you laid?

Previous thread: >>24522379
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What do american soyboys drive?
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does anyone have tips for long drives? I'm preparing a 12 hour trip to Georgia from Illinois
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so how many people here actually drive
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Explain this shit ev trannys

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Lol get fucked, this ass fucking will be common jewey practice when more goyim switch to the plug and it will be harder to track the kikery happening.
https://www.torquenews .com/1083/charging-electric-vehicle-public-can-cost-triple-what-fueling-gas-guzzler-does/amp
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I was “blocking” the left lane and it’s funny

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Do you ever “block” people from merging in and laugh at them? Have you found it satisfying?

Someone was screaming at me for “blocking” them from merging into the left lane on the highway and it’s funny so I flip him off and watch him rage even more. Screaming “hurry the fuck up” multiple times with their window down and beeping their horn.

Back story
>petrol prices going up
>went up
>big line up outside last cheap petrol station for the day
>line extends onto left lane of the highway (Australia)
>there is a corner right near the service station
>you’re not supposed to block the street intersections like that
>I am in queue for the petrol station
>so I do not block it and leave a gap so people leaving/entering the street can get onto the highway and vice versa
>there are indeed people exiting the street onto the highway
>it’s a three lane highway
>left lane is entirely halted due to congestion into this petrol station
>dickhead is in middle lane on highway and indicates to merge into bumper to bumper left lane several cars behind me, basically queue jumping
>there could be room for him if I move forward and block off street to highway access
>he starts screaming “hurry the fuck up” and beeping horn
>I look him at him and flip him off and proceed to ignore
>he is the sole car in the middle lane blocking traffic and in danger of being slammed into by other vehicles, good desu
>all traffic has to merge into far right lane just to pass
I’m not going to block people wanting to exit their street just to save that dickhead from being crashed into, he shouldn’t stop in the middle lane on his own like that when there’s no congestion in the middle lane.
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What kind of cars attract college pussy?
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reddit.org/r/cars in one picture

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also why are there so many mazda 3 posts the minute doug reviews one?
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>The shooting in which Rodriguez was charged involved a Tesla in the area of Hammer Avenue and Hidden Valley Parkway in Norco. A maroon Chevrolet Trailblazer was captured on the vehicle’s video system at the time of the shooting, the prosecutor's office said.
>The Tesla’s window was shot out. Two passengers and the driver were not injured.
>A maroon Chevy Trailblazer matching the vehicle description provided by the Tesla occupants was pulled over at about 9:30 p.m. at a shopping center. Its driver, identified as Rodriguez, was arrested.
>Authorities said a BB gun was found in the SUV.

You're welcome, /o/.

t. a Tesla owner and investor

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