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N/o/rcal Meet: Donut Drive 2

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Hello Gamers,
It's time for the 2nd Donut Drive, the first of the year, and the first official meet of the year.
For all you veteran gamers, you'll recognize this route as the same from the Ramen Touge. This meet will play out exactly like the regular Ramen Touge only we'll be driving in the day and we'll be eating good donuts instead of shitty "japanese food"
Here's the gameplan so listen up if you want to win Victory Royale:
-Meet at Maple Leaf Donuts on Saratoga Avenue at 8:45am to 9:45am on Sunday January 13 , it's right next to Ringer Hut
- follow Saratoga WEST and make no turns, NONE! Follow the person in front of you if in doubt
- turn RIGHT at the junction of 9 and 35, this is the ONLY turn you have to make before you reach Alice's
- stop at Alice's and make use of this time to take a leak. We may decide to have breakfast here. This is a good time to leave if you need to quit the game early
-Go west on 84W
-south on highway 1
- make a left onto Pescadero
-follow Pescadero then make a left onto Alpine road
-Follow Alpine Road then make a right onto 84 to take you back to Alice's
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>his car isn't procedural-generated

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What is your (relatively) attainable dream car, your current end game?
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[ D a i l y A u s f a g T h r e a d ]
>Wake up neets edition

>strayan cars & bikes
>strayan questions & answers
>strayan pics & videos
>strayan blogging, bitching & carrying on like a flamin' galah
>strayan scenc af

/dat/ map: https://www.zeemaps.com/map?group=1049739

Previous thread: >>13917457
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Is it wrong to put anime on an American car?
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when my car is cold in the morning the coolant is below the min line in the reservoir

after driving it ends up being about above the min line

whats the deal do I need to put some more coolant in it?

if it matters I drive a WRX. a dude at work reckons you should fill it above the max line. will that fuck shit up? is it possible to have too much coolant in the reservoir?
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Paul's not dead, he's just waiting for us at the finish line.
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If I take out the Hotwheels car, will you die?
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